Why do you need to submit a Sales Order?
Liquex needs to know what stock you would like sent out and where. 


Sales Orders can be submitted in two ways:

Option 1 - **Note this option requires set up costs, contact us for more information support@liquex.com.au
Submit order via CSV export file to email address SalesOrders_2+Liquex@in.cartoncloud.com.au
Orders can be submitted individually - eg one order per CSV file, otherwise multiple/bulk submission 2 files per day one in the morning and one in the afternoon.
Option 2
Enter Sales Orders directly into Carton Cloud - Click here to see references
Orders that are not included in the CSV file can be submitted separately via CSV or will need to be entered directly into Carton Cloud


Outgoing Orders

We will receive an email notifying us you have placed your order through Carton Cloud.
You will receive a confirmation email once your order is ready for despatch.

Revised / Amended Orders

Once you approve or submit an order it is considered final
Should you need to amend the order for any reason please send an email with the Sales Order Number and revised paperwork or instructions to transport@liquex.com.au


Rejected Sales Orders

If you receive a Rejected Sales Order email notification, please send an email with the Sales Order Number and instructions to transport@liquex.com.au

Please note if you do not respond to rejected or out of stock notifications before 3pm the day you receive the notification
your order will automatically be postponed to the next available delivery schedule


Please note the below information is a guideline only for B2B deliveries and is subject to change.

Click here to download our B2B Delivery Zones

Click here to view B2C Delivery Info (residential)