Liquex Logistics has always prided itself on transparency, like many businesses the COVID-19 pandemic is still having a major impact on staffing levels in regards to unplanned leave and recruitment. Therefore we are writing to you all to explain that effective immediately we are having to temporarily make some adjustments to our service levels which are detailed below.  

Outbound Deliveries


Submit Order


Metro Melbourne

2pm Daily

1-2 Day Delivery

Outer Suburbs

2pm Tuesdays

2-3 Day Delivery

(CZ1, CZ2, CZ3)

2pm Mondays

3-4 Day Delivery
(before end of week)

Orders submitted outside of these cut off times will be scheduled for the next available delivery run to that area.

Click here for additional information regarding Outbound Deliveries


Booking Liquex Collections

·    Brewery Collections – 2-3 days’ notice

·  Collections 6+ pallets require a minimum of 5 days’ notice

·  Empty / Full Keg Collections – 3-5 days’ notice

Click here for additional Information regarding Booking Liquex Collections


Warehouse Inbound Deliveries / Processing

·     Inbound stock deliveries into Liquex Warehouse by external carriers will only be accepted
Monday – Friday between 9am-3pm

·  Purchase Orders for inbound pallets allow 2-3 days processing and verification time.

·   Purchase Orders for inbound Shipping Container Unpacking allow 3-5 days processing and verification time.

Carton Cloud Purchase Order must be submitted prior to stock arriving at Liquex Warehouse. If no PO is available, it may result in extensive delays of your stock being processed.

Click here for additional information regarding Inbound


Collections by external (3P) carriers

Interstate Orders - Submit order 2-3 days prior to prepare for collection
This includes - palletised stock as well as individual cases/items being collected by any 3P carriers
- Macgregor, Cameron’s, Endeavour, ShippitAuspostSendle, TNT etc


Liquex Warehouse Collections by Customers / Sales Reps

Must allow min 24hrs to prepare for collection
Non palletised stock (under 25 cases)

Click here for more info regarding schedules / 3rd party carrier collections


Liquex thanks you for your cooperation and continued support during this time to ensure our people and customers stay safe and healthy.