Your Sales Order has been rejected with errors

If you have an automatic parser set up with us you will receive an automated email when your sales order is processed.

The email below is an example of when your order has been rejected

Please note if the order is rejected due to a stock issue, the order will not be packed until we receive instruction from you advising what you would like done.

Please contact and advise if you would like to:

  1. Cancel order
  2. Hold order until stock arrives (advise if via regular or courier delivery)
  3. Cancel out of stock items and deliver in-stock items

Kindly note, if we do not receive a response by 2:30pm Today the order will be postponed to the next available delivery date unless otherwise specified.

If we receive no response within 24 hours the order will be disregarded.

Issue - Describes the problem with the order

  • Not enough stock found - This means there is not enough free stock in the warehouse to fulfil the total quantity of the product ordered
  • Product not found - This means the product code in your CSV fie does not match what is in the Liquex CartonCloud system. An exact match is required in order for the CSV parser file to work correctly.

Code - This is the product code

Requested QTY - This is the Quantity ordered

Available QTY - This is the available quantity in the warehouse

Should you wish to amend your order for any reason please ensure you email us with instructions to: so we can take the appropriate action to rectify your order as quickly as possible.