Go to Reports and select Problem Stock Report

This is a quick way to bring up any expired or close to best before dated stock as well as any stock which is being held under a different Product Status eg - Quarantine or Under Bond

  • Code = Product Code
  • Name = Product Description
  • Meas = Unit of Measure eg - Carton, Keg, Unit etc
  • PO# = This is the Purchase Order reference that relates to the product when it arrived
  • Expiry Date = Recorded Best Before or Expiry Date
  • Batch = Batch code or date info
  • Location = Current Warehouse Location
  • OnHand QTY = Current total recorded physical quantity in the warehouse (this includes stock which may be allocated to sales orders that are still physically in the warehouse)
  • Free QTY = Current available quantity (not allocated to sales orders)
  • Status = Product Status
    OK - Product is currently being automatically allocated to orders
    Quarantine - Product needs to be specifically requested to be manually allocated to orders
  • Under Bond - Product is Under Bond