You can Enter your Purchase Order directly into CartonCloud or submit a Purchase Order Template to be Processed.


Download an fill out the Purchase Order Template Excel Sheet and submit to


A guide on how to fill-out the Purchase Order Template is below:

Required fields are in RED:

  • Date - Today's Date
  • Purchase Order/Invoice Reference - Use a reference or transfer number from your records (if you don't have one we suggest to use the connote number of the shipment)
  • Estimated Arrival Date - Estimated date of arrival to Liquex Warehouse

Product Details

  • Product Code - This refers to the item Code in CartonCloud
  • Product Name - This refers to the item Name in CartonCloud
  • Quantity - Quantity of Stock arriving
  • Units of Measure - This should match how the product is set up in CartonCloud eg: Unit, Bottle, Keg, Carton, 50L Keg, 20L Keg etc.
  • Expiry Date - This is a mandatory field eg 30/08/2022
  • Batch - This is an optional field


How to find Product Code and Name details in Carton Cloud: