Liquex Logistics is going paperless!

From 1st January 2020 all paper invoices with deliveries will cease.

Please advise your clients of this permanent paperless delivery change and commence transitioning your customers away from the expectation of paper invoices with each delivery to receiving their invoice via email.

Liquex will continue to provide the necessary paperwork for DC’s (Coles, Dan Murphy’s, Woolworths, ALM etc) so please continue to email this to

As a solution we can arrange for a copy of the POD which has your invoice number or reference and lists all the products from the order emailed direct to yourself or your customer.
You will need to request Liquex to activate this service and specify the correct email addresses to receive the POD.

All deliveries will be signed as received via our drivers’ smart devices with images saved and uploaded into Carton Cloud for real time delivery and POD’s.

Liquex will continue to affix labels to each item delivered.
The labels specify the corresponding invoice/reference number and the number of items per consignment for your customer’s reference.

Liquex thanks you for your cooperation and continued support.

Click here to download a copy