We require 1-2 days notice to set up new products

To submit a new product you need to email warehouse@liquex.com.au with the details of your new product. 

Your email should have the subject: Company Name + New Products

Your email should include the following:

  • Product Code
  • Product Description (including Unit of Measure - 50L Keg, 30L Keg,  24x330ml Carton, 24x375ml Can, Bottle, Unit etc)
  • Dimension of carton - For packaged stock
  • Weight per item
  • Item Barcode
  • Storage - Cold or Ambient (General)


Example email below:

Test Brewing Co. - New Products
Hi Liquex, 
Please add the following new products due to arrive:
  • Product Code - 10023
  • Product Description - Test Brewing Co. Pale Ale 24x330ml Cartons
  • 35x24x19 cm
  • 10kg
  • BAR002315974
  • Storage - Cold